Machine Learning for Biology

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Reduction dimension & visualization

Digits images

Modules importation

In [1]:
import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
from urllib.request import urlopen
from sklearn.decomposition import PCA
from sklearn import manifold
from time import time

Data importation

In [2]:
digits=np.loadtxt(urlopen(url), delimiter=',',skiprows=1,usecols=range(1,785)) 

labels=np.loadtxt(urlopen(url), delimiter=',',skiprows=1,usecols=range(1,2))

K = int(np.max(labels)+1)
print("Number of different labels :", K)

X = np.copy(digits)
n = digits.shape[0]
d = digits.shape[1]

Xs = digits/255. # standardization
Number of different labels : 5

Principal component analysis

First run PCA and plot of the individuals with a color by label

In [ ]:
In [4]:
pca = PCA(n_components=2)
D = pca.fit_transform(Xs)
n_ex = 500
for k in range(K):
  ii = np.where(labels[:n_ex]==k)[0]
  for i in ii:
    plt.text(D[i,0],D[i,1],int(labels[i]),{'color': 'C'+str(k)})
plt.title('PCA - individuals')
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